Western India Automobile Association

The Western India Automobile Association is the largest Automobile Association in South Asia. It has grown from strength of 500 members - all Englishmen - to with over multiple members today and the scope of its activities extends to cover major cities in Western India.

The Association is headquartered in Mumbai, and offers its services in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. The Association has six branch offices apart from the HO in Mumbai, and it offers to all its members a wide variety of services ranging from issuing of learners' licenses to legal advice on motoring issues.

Apart from its original aims and objectives, the Association also undertakes to promote tourism within the country. The WIAA is actively in touch with its counterparts in other countries, giving them the necessary travel information as a part of its program to attract tourists in India. The WIAA also has reciprocal service arrangements with other Automobile Associations and Clubs all over the world.

The Association is recognized as India's major authority on motoring issues and represents its members and motorists interests to the Government and other sector and industry groups.